tanning bed

With more than 15 years of experience in the tanning industry, SUN-TECH provides professionals as well as private users with every major service regarding tanning beds. Located in the picturesque Mecklenburg Lake District, we operate throughout Germany and in many parts of Europe. Our customers are tanning salons, spas, fitness studios, hotels and many more facilities.

tanning bed

We are your proficient partner as regards your high-quality tanning bed. Since many years, we are cooperating with the most renowned manufacturers of tanning beds, such as Ergoline, Soltron, KBL, Uwe and Hapro Luxura. Our product range comprises a variety of appliances for different requirements and purposes. Customers can choose from products covering a range from a tanning bed designed for average use at home to luxurious ones, which are made for ongoing application in tanning salons. Besides tanning beds, we also provide you with accessories.

used sunbeds

Apart from new tanning beds, we also offer used sunbeds. Approximately 30 to 50 used sunbeds are permanently on stock. Before being sold, they are checked, overhauled and - if required - equipped with new tanning lamps in our repair and assembling shop. Our experienced technicians know to which parts attention has to be paid. Especially in case of startups, overhauled used sunbeds can be a useful and budget-friendly alternative. Most of them have been purchased by us from customers, who have decided either to modernize their equipment or to change their profession.

tanning lamps

SUN-TECH both sells tanning lamps from well-known manufacturers (Ergoline, Soltron, Heraeus, and Cosmedico) and our home brand “magic power”. The home brands “magic power” and “magic power 3uro” are one of the best-selling tanning lamps of the series “Original Hanau” in Europe. In this field, we are further cooperating with HN Sunlight and Ergoline (“First Class”).

tanning lotions

As most customers are focused on aspects of beauty, also tanning lotions are of major importance for them. In Germany we are the exclusive importer for the tanning lotions by Playboy, ProTan, Fiesta Sun and BW (collagen). Besides these brands, also products by Tannymax, Hawaiiana, Dark Sun, Emerald Bay, California Tan, Matahari and Art of Sun are available through us.

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